Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Competition Progress

Update for the month of August. I've taken part in all major categories this month but there's only a few that I think I have a shot at. For details on the competition, see here.

I did a lot of blogging this month. It was easily my biggest month. I increased traffic by over 1,500% and hit a new high of 149 visits.

I assembled my first order of Trollbloods. This included the Trollbloods Warpack, a Trollkin Champions unit, and a Dire Troll Bomber. I also tackled pinning for the first time.

Slann Mage-Priest


Engine of the Gods

I played a 10 point game of Hordes and three 15 point games during my lunch breaks against Asmo. I played a 2500 point game of Warhammer Fantasy (Lizardmen vs. Skaven) with The Vermin Lord. I also played two additional games of Hordes against Rob and Nathan.

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