Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Temple Guard Workshop

Here are the samples I've been painting up to test some ideas for the temple guard.

This first one is basecoated Leviathan Purple and the scales were coated with Liche Purple.
From Drop Box

This one used Mechrite Red with the scales in Liche Purple. Experimenting a little with the idea from my previous post. I'm not sure I like it.
From Drop Box

On the other side of the previous model, I tried scales in Leviathan Purple (shoulder) as well as scales in Warlock Purple (leg).
From Drop Box

On this model I tried basecoating with Warlock Purple and scales in Liche Purple on the shoulder. On the leg I basecoated with Leviathan Purple and did the scales with Warlock Purple.
From Drop Box

What do people think of the different color schemes? Right now I'm thinking I'll scrap the red/purple combination I was thinking of and go with either the Leviathan Purple/Liche Purple combination of Leviathan Purple/Warlock Purple combination.


  1. I think the first pic's color scheme looks much better than the all purple one before. Just keep the two colors distinct-if you do any shading, I'd do a black wash on the skin, a darker purple for the scales.

    For highlighting, have you tried mixing bleached bone or khaki into the paint? This, with most colors, provides brightness, without looking like the kind of colors you'd paint an easter egg. In other words, it brightens, without changing the saturation of the color.

    I would try leviathan+khaki/bone for the skin, liche+warlock for the scales.

  2. That's a good idea. Thanks for the advice!

    I was leaning towards the first picture too. Tomorrow I'll try to give the mixing a shot and see how that turns out and post it up.