Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lizardmen in 8th Edition: Magic Weapons

Taking a quick break from the magic lores to spice things up a little bit.

Blade of Realities:
This is a fun item with all sorts of uses. Put it on an oldblood and watch your opponent sweat. It is actually less good in 8th edition now that a BSB can let you reroll all failed leadership tests.

Blade of Revered Tzunki:
You can only give this to an Oldblood for 6 strength but for 5 points less you can give him the Giant Blade that has the same end result.

Giant Blade:
This is probably a little over kill on a guy who is already strength 5. Strength 8 is nice if you know you're going to be facing monsters. I'm not sure you need that much strength in general though.

Sword of Bloodshed:
Excellent weapon. Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent was a 7th edition favorite of mine and for just 10 more points you can give your Oldblood an extra attack. Pair this with maiming shield and enjoy a whopping 9 attacks. Add the Potion of Foolhardiness and enjoy a breathtaking 10 S6 attacks on the charge.

Obsidian Blade:
Not really worth it. I'm not a fan of negating armour saves unless it comes from strength.

Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent:
A 7th edition staple made obsolete by the Sword of Strife.

Stegadon War-spear:
Fun item. I don't know that it's good but you can guarantee that stegadon is going to mess up whatever it charges.

Ogre Blade:
You probably don't need much more strength than this so I recommend it over the Giant Blade. It is too pricey for skink chief or scar veteran and there are better options for an oldblood.

Sword Of Strife:
Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent but cheaper. Nice item when you want to get some defense on your oldblood or want a killy scar veteran.

Fencer's Blades:
This is more of a defensive item than an offensive item and there are better defensive items out there. I don't really like it much. Though I do find the idea of pairing this up with Glittering Scales and Aura of Quetzl to make a virtually unhittable character very humorous.

Staff of the Lost Sun:
I could see it being useful on a Skink Chief in a unit of Terradon riders but it would make the unit a little too expensive for how fragile it is. Very situational and opponent dependent. Putting him in a unit of skirmishers would be throwing him away.

Piranha Blade:
It has some uses but I personally wouldn't take it. There are more versatile options out there and you have better ways of dealing with nasty monsters.

Sword of Anti-Heroes:
I don't really see a situation where this buys you much. At best you're going to get +1 strength, +1 attack out of it but only when fighting characters. It gets you nothing against monsters or elite units.

Spellthieving Sword:
I would never take it. If you're hitting a spellcaster, you're probably killing him. There are of course exceptions worth considering (daemons, warriors, vampire counts, etc.).

Sword of Swift Slaying:
If you want to attack first, take the Lore of Light on a slann. It'll go much further. There are much better items.

Dagger of Sotek:
I don't see many reasons to take a Skink Chief let alone equip him with this.

Sword of the Hornet:
Exact same as the Sword of Swift Slaying above.

Sword of Battle:
Very basic. Good for a cheap magic weapon.

Berserker Sword:
Makes a unit immune to psychology. You're lizardmen so you aren't really worried about psychology though.

Sword of Might:
Very basic. Good for a cheap magic weapon.

Burning Blade of Chotec:
I like this. Gives a cheap hero a way to deal with regen and armour. Toss on something like a cheap scar veteran and stick him in an infantry unit. Gives bonuses for assaulting buildings and dealing with cavalry/war beasts for an extra perk.

Gold Sigil Sword:
Much like the Sword of Swift Slaying, there are better ways to strike first if you want to.

Sword of Striking:
Let's you hit on 2s instead of 3s. Nothing really special though synergy with lore of light for I10 and ASF is fun to think about.

Biting Blade:

Relic Sword:
You're already doing this unless you're beating on a steam tank or you're a skink chief. Not much point.

Shrieking Blade:
Fear isn't that fantastic any more and there are other ways to get it. Take a real weapon.

Tormentor Sword:
If you're beating on a guy, he's already in combat and this isn't going to do much unless he kills you.

Warrior Bane:
What I said for Tormentor Sword.

There's a lot of cool items to pick from and I'd love to try some of them out. You can make some truly terrifying Oldbloods with these. Unfortunately, I love my slann and rarely get to try some of the awesome weapons as a result. My biggest Fantasy regret might be not getting a chance to try out Blade of Realities under 7th edition! Though I can't wait to field a Sword of Bloodshed Oldblood some time.


  1. 'Unfortunately, I love my slann and rarely get to try some of the awesome weapons as a result'

    All the more reason to try it. Playing out of your comfort zone is one of the keys to being a better player!

  2. One thing to note on the warspear-it is a lance, so you are now charging with 3 S6 attacks at I6 on top of the 2d6+1 before blows for the impact, which is a lot of attacks before most infantry, barring elves, hits.

  3. Good point Nuclear. To make it even scarier, imagine giving that skink chief The Savage Beast of Horros from the Lore of Beasts for +3S and +3A. Now THAT is truly terrifying!

  4. Thanks for posting these... as a brand new WFB and Lizardmen player these guides are REALLY helpful..