Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Competition Results

We have the results from our August Competition!

I managed to win painting and come close/compete in all of the other categories.

Asmo beat me out in blogging (just barely). He had some really good articles this past month. If you're interested in Hordes, I highly recommend checking out his Skorne articles. He also finished a really nice series of articles about Dark Elves in 8th edition.

Rob managed to take the construction point. He put together a ton of new Khador stuff and really earned this one. I'd love to see some pictures of it all. How about a blog update Rob?

Frans won playing again with a whopping 10 8th edition games at varying point levels. If only he would write up some battle reports we could all read about them!

This brings the current totals to:
Minute (2)
Asmo (2)
Frans (2)
BK (1)
Rob (1)
Nathan (0)

You can see a summary of what everyone did here.

This was the first month that we had with some real competition. Several of the categories were close and it brought out what is in my mind a slight problem with the scoring system. The goal of the competition is to encourage people to devote time to all aspects of the hobby. However, by only giving points to the winner, we have created a situation in which it is far better to specialize each month than it is to devote equal time to all aspects.

I'm hoping to start a new competition for the 2011 year when this competition is up and I'm proposing the following changes to the scoring system. Every category you don't participate in is -1 points. For every category you win, you get 3 points. For every category you contest the first place winner in, you get 1 point. What do the other competitors think of this new scoring system for future competitions?


  1. I am adamantly opposed to any system that gives negative points for any reason. The point is to encourage people to participate, not discourage them from not participating. Psychology tends to agree in this regards: positive reinforcement time and again is proven to be more effective than negative reinforcement.

  2. How would you feel about 0 points for not doing anything in the category, 1 point for doing anything, 2 points for contesting, and 4 points for winning? It shifts the whole scale I suggested up by 1 with no way to lose points.

  3. Yeah, I'd be open to a system like that. We should set out a time limit for reevaluating the scoring system at the end of the year though. So maybe split 2011 into "two seasons" of 6 months. We could even work towards "resolutions" we each make at the start of the season and give bonus points at the end of the season to provide some sense of "doneness" at the end of season (or perhaps near the end we all get together for a day of gaming/hobbying as a much larger group than is typical for a weekend for each of us). Just some ideas.

    Also while I think the system is all for fun, hopefully everyone would keep it in the spirit of that and be honest with regards to the "doing anything" requirement for the 1 point. Otherwise, it'll just become that everyone gets 1 point from each category every month and then whats the point is awarding it? Because taken literally, doing anything for painting could be sitting down for 5 minutes and putting some paint on a guy's shoes just to get the point for the month, which wouldn't really be in the spirit of the "competition".

  4. Agreed: Negative points suck.

    Some work on re-doing the scoring for next year may be in order. Certainly wouldn't hurt :).

    I would keep it simple- a point for winning, and a smaller point for being in the running, even if you aren't really THAT close. That can stop people from getting the easy 'single' point that's being suggested.