Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms vs. Skaven Result

So I took the list described in the previous post.

I was up against a level 2 warlock engineer, Grey Seer Thanquol + Boneripper, a Plague Priest on a Plague furnace, a level 1 warlock engineer, a warp lightning cannon, 5 jezzails, 2 units of plague censer bearers, a unit of stormvermin, two units of clanrats, and a Doomwheel.

Skaven went first.

During the first magic phase, I used the Hellheart and he chose not to cast any spells. The shooting phase went well for me. I took two wounds on my Scraplauncher from Jezzails and only lost two sabretusks from the doomwheel.

During my turn I managed to kill one Jezzail with my Bangstick, get Trollguts off on one of my units, and land a Scraplauncher shot directly on top of one of his clanrats units. I managed to kill 5 rats from it. I also moved my Yhetees up in a flanking position on his plague furnace and sent in some Gnoblar trappers to force a charge from his frenzied censer bearers and furnace. My shooting against the doomwheel failed miserably, both my leadbelchers and hunter failing to wound.

On his second turn it was the beginning of the end. He got some spells initial spells off that I managed to cancel with a combination of dispel scrolls, magic resistance, and dispel die. Then he rolled 6 dice to cast the 13th spell against my Tyrant unit. Of course he rolls double 6s, my unit is obliterated. I hang in there because I think I've still got a good shot at taking down the Plague Furnace my flank charging yhetees.

On my turn both the gorgers come into play. I set them up directly behind a unit of clanrats each. I manage to make the Jezzail team flee from my magic. My yhetees get the flank charge on the plague monks/furnace.

Turns out the plague monks have a banner that does 2D6 automatic hits to everything touching the unit. My Yhetees get slaughtered before they even get to attack. They flee, the plague furnace is forced to pursue, and directly in the flight path is impassable terrain. The Furnace pursues three inches, millimeters short of having to take damage for hitting the terrain.

I concede. I had no units that could do anything to the plague furnace or the doomwheel. I was out of magic defense and the only things I was going to be able to do anything to were units of basic clanrats.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Final Ogre Kingdoms List

2 Gorgers
3 units of 24 Gnoblar Fighters
2 units of 8 Gnoblar Trappers
1 Gnoblar Scraplauncher
3 Yhetees
2 units of 2 Leadbelchers with Bellowers
3 units of 3 Bulls with addtional hand weapons (one unit has standard bearer and lookout gnoblar)
1 Hunter with 2 Sabretusks, a Talisman of Protection, and the Beastkiller Big Name
1 Butcher with a Bangstick and Dispel Scroll
1 Butcher with a Hellheart
1 Tyrant with Tenderiser, Jade Lion, Heavy Armor, and Wyrdstone Necklace

I am planning to take this list against a Skaven army. I've never had much success with my Ogres so I don't really know how this is going to work. My expectation is that Plague Furnaces and either Hellpit Abominations or Doomwheels will be taken.

For dealing with the plague furnaces, I plan to use my gnoblar to force charges that will allow my ogres to flank charge or force charges into rough terrain.

With the Hellpit Abominations, I'm hoping to use my Butchers to cast Braingobbler and force some panic test failures. This is my best shot at beating these as Ogres do not have any way of getting flaming attacks. My only other hope is that my hunter might be able to do some damage to them before they get into close combat or my Tyrant with Tenderiser can manage to get the charge and make it through the regeneration.

Against Doomwheels, the strategy is the same as with the Hellpits. I am hopeful that I can force it out of control with the Hunter's Harpoon Launcher and into some dangerous/rough terrain.

This is going to be a really rough battle for me I think but I'm hopeful that I'll be able to pull off a draw, or even perhaps a marginal victory.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms

Every once in a while I get an itch to mess around with my Ogre Kingdoms again. I haven't been overly happy with them but they are my first army so I feel like I don't want to give up on them. To that end, I am considering making a handful of key purchases that would allow me to field a better, hopefully workable Ogre Kingdoms list in the future.

Current owned models:
24 Gnoblar Fighters
6 Ogre Bulls
4 Ironguts
2 Hunters w/ Sabretusks
30+ Gnoblar Scrappers
4 Leadbelchers
1 Gnoblar Scraplauncher
2 Butchers
3 Gorgers
1 Maneater
1 Tyrant/Bruiser

My current hope is to expand with a unit of yhetees in addition to several more units of gnoblar. And probably a handful of miscellaneous ogres. I will most likely purchase another battalion at some point as it is a great deal compared to the individual costs of the models and I could also use a handful of additional ogres.

This Saturday, I will be playing against a Skaven army. My current plan is to play a fun game with Ogre Kingdoms. Dust off these models that I haven't used in a while, and see if I can do a better job of playing them strategically than I did when I first started out with Warhammer.

Tentative army list (full list tomorrow):

2x Gorgers 150
3x 24 Gnoblar Fighters 144
3x 3 Ogre Bulls 315
2x Butchers 260
1x Hunter 145
1x Tyrant 200
1x Gnoblar Scraplauncher 165
2x 2 Leadbelchers 220
2x 10 Gnoblar Scrappers 120
1x 3 Yhetees 195

This gives me 336 points to work with for magical equipment and unit upgrades. I will obviously have to use some counts as models for this but it shouldn't be too bad.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ork Battle 1

I've been lazy and haven't been updating this as much as I should. Asmo over at has been yelling at me for this failing on my part so I thought I'd toss up a brief write up of my first two forays into the world of 40k. For both games I took my 650 point space Ork list detailed previously.

Game 1 vs. Tau:

My opponent fielded two units of fire warriors, a big unit of Kroot, a battle suit with missile pods, a deep striking battle suit with two flamers, and some sort of tank with a rail gun on top. There were a total of 3 objectives to claim.

I got the first turn during which I flew my deffkoptas up to take on his rail gun tank and had my trukk and warbikers move flat out towards his troops. On his first turn, he shot the rail gun at my trukk and missed. His fire warriors managed to disable the trukk, and he shot up my big group of 20 ork boyz some and managed to kill one of my warbikers.

On my second turn, my deffkoptas managed to disable his rail gun tank and prevent it from firing during the next turn. My remaining two warbikers assaulted into one of his fire warrior units which they successfully defeated. My warboss and 11 Ork Boyz unloaded from the trukk and assaulted the other group of fire warriors which they also sent running.

On the second Tau turn, his remaining Kroot and the missile pod battle suit managed to take out the rest of my bikers.

On my third turn, my deffkoptas successfully blew up the rail gun tank. My 20 ork squad continued it's slow trek across the battlefield, and my warboss and 11 ork boyz moved toward the remaining kroot.

On the Tau third turn, my warboss and boyz were charged by the Kroot where they promptly slaughtered a fair number of boyz. I was able to do enough wounds back to succeed my leadership check (after using the bosspole) so the battle continued. The flamer battle suit landed just inside of range of my large ork boyz group but only close enough to hit 3 boyz with the template.

On my fourth turn, the Ork Boyz and Warboss managed to hang in there long enough to win tie the Kroot in combat. It was down to only my warboss left against a handful of Kroot (the warboss finished them off in the next turn). My 20 Boyz band proceeded to destroy the flamer battle suit and then moved on to spread out and capture two objectives. As the game was ending, only 2 fire warriors remained on the Tau side that had rallied and proceeded to capture a single objective.

Victory for the Orks! WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!

Game 2 update vs. Sisters of Battle coming later.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Battle Report 10/24/2009

I ended up facing off against Frans on Saturday with a slight variation to the lizardmen list from the previous post. He fielded a vampire counts list with a vampire lord on zombie dragon, a vampire, a wight king in a unit of grave guard, 2 units of 10 skeletons, 20 zombies, and 2 varghulfs.

My list:

Lord Kroak

Level 2 skink priest
- engine of the gods
- plaque of tepok
- dispel scroll

Level 2 skink priest
- cube of darkness

saurus scar veteran
- venom of the firefly frog
- light armor
- great weapon
- aura of quetzl

20 temple guard
- standard bearer and champion
- plaque of dominion
- burning blade of chotec

20 saurus warriors
- full command
- spears

10 ranked skinks

10 ranked skinks

3 jungle swarms

Setup was like the following:

|skeletons| |grave guard| |skeletons| |vampire| |zombie dragon|
|varghulf| |-------------zombies----------------| |varghulf|

------|skinks| |swarms| |temple| |engine| |saurus| |skinks|

I had Lord Kroak in with the temple guard and the scar veteran in with the saurus. On my first turn, I marched everything up being careful to keep some range on my guys. I attempted to cast some spells with the skinks using kroak's dice. None of them succeeded but I was able to draw out a dispel scroll. On Frans' turn he moved the varghulfs to the flanks of each of the skink groups, everything else moved forward, and the zombie dragon attempted to charge the engine of the gods and fell about an inch and a half short. His magic drew out my cube of darkness which failed to end the magic phase but I was able to prevent any spells from going off.

On my second turn, everything I had charged. The engine charged into the front of the zombie dragon, the temple guard charged the flank on my left, and the saurus charged the flank on my right. The skinks both charged the zombie line with the skinks on the right getting the flank of the zombies. The jungle swarms charged the varghulf on the left. During my magic phase I unleashed the burning alignment from the engine and Lord Kroak's spell at casting value of 5+. Together these two spells dropped the zombie dragon AND reduced the vampire lord down to 1 wound remaining. It also killed several zombies from the unit engaged with the skinks. Frans used a dispel scroll on the second of Lord Kroak's spells cast with the 10+ casting value.

When close combat began and before the impact hits were calculated, Frans conceded the game.

Later in the afternoon I helped Chaney(Demons) and Aaron(Chaos) try to learn to play the game. Details on that later.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ork List

I've created the following Ork list for my first foray into Warhammer 40k. It's written up for a 650 point game and I'm trying to figure out the best way to tweak it down to 500 points. Currently this uses most of my models (minus 5 Nobs, some ork boyz, and some ork boy big shootas). In addition to turning this into a 500 point list, I'm also looking to figure out what I should buy as a next step to bring this list up to 750 points and eventually 1000 points.

Ork Warboss 60
power klaw 25

11 Ork Boyz 66
Nob Upgrade 10
power klaw 25
bosspole 5

20 Ork Boyz 120
Nob Upgrade 10
Power Klaw Upgrade 25
bosspole 5
2 rokkit launchas 20

3 Warbikers 75
Nob Upgrade 10
Power Klaw 25
bosspole 5

3 Deffkoptas 95
3 twin-linked rokkit launchas 30

Ork Trukk 35

Total: 646

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swing Dancing Routine

So this blog serves a dual purpose. In addition to Warhammery stuff, it's also for me to talk about my other hobby, swing dancing! I've been taking a routine class with Charm City Swing and we will be performing the routine this coming Monday. Below is a link to our final practice run through from Wednesday night. It's not perfect but considering we learned it in about 8 hours over the course of 8 weeks, I think it's pretty darn good!

Lizardmen List

Here's a fun Lizardmen list I wrote up for playing against a friend's Vampire Counts army. It's not finished yet and there are several tweaks I need to make to it still. Possible changes include adding a Cube of Darkness and changing the magic items on the Saurus Scar Veteran around. I also need to make sure stupidity from the banner will work on the vampires before I take it.

Lord Kroak 600

Level 2 skink priest 100
engine of the gods 290
plaque of tepok 15
dispel scroll 25

Level 2 skink priest 100
dispel scroll 25
dispel scroll 25

saurus scar veteran 85
piranha blade 35
light armor 5
shield 3

20 temple guard 320
standard bearer and champion 28
plaque of dominion 50
Burning Blade of Chotec 25

20 saurus warriors 220
full command 30
spears 20

10 ranked skinks 50

10 ranked skinks 50

3 jungle swarms 135

Total: 2236