Friday, November 27, 2009

Ork Battle 1

I've been lazy and haven't been updating this as much as I should. Asmo over at has been yelling at me for this failing on my part so I thought I'd toss up a brief write up of my first two forays into the world of 40k. For both games I took my 650 point space Ork list detailed previously.

Game 1 vs. Tau:

My opponent fielded two units of fire warriors, a big unit of Kroot, a battle suit with missile pods, a deep striking battle suit with two flamers, and some sort of tank with a rail gun on top. There were a total of 3 objectives to claim.

I got the first turn during which I flew my deffkoptas up to take on his rail gun tank and had my trukk and warbikers move flat out towards his troops. On his first turn, he shot the rail gun at my trukk and missed. His fire warriors managed to disable the trukk, and he shot up my big group of 20 ork boyz some and managed to kill one of my warbikers.

On my second turn, my deffkoptas managed to disable his rail gun tank and prevent it from firing during the next turn. My remaining two warbikers assaulted into one of his fire warrior units which they successfully defeated. My warboss and 11 Ork Boyz unloaded from the trukk and assaulted the other group of fire warriors which they also sent running.

On the second Tau turn, his remaining Kroot and the missile pod battle suit managed to take out the rest of my bikers.

On my third turn, my deffkoptas successfully blew up the rail gun tank. My 20 ork squad continued it's slow trek across the battlefield, and my warboss and 11 ork boyz moved toward the remaining kroot.

On the Tau third turn, my warboss and boyz were charged by the Kroot where they promptly slaughtered a fair number of boyz. I was able to do enough wounds back to succeed my leadership check (after using the bosspole) so the battle continued. The flamer battle suit landed just inside of range of my large ork boyz group but only close enough to hit 3 boyz with the template.

On my fourth turn, the Ork Boyz and Warboss managed to hang in there long enough to win tie the Kroot in combat. It was down to only my warboss left against a handful of Kroot (the warboss finished them off in the next turn). My 20 Boyz band proceeded to destroy the flamer battle suit and then moved on to spread out and capture two objectives. As the game was ending, only 2 fire warriors remained on the Tau side that had rallied and proceeded to capture a single objective.

Victory for the Orks! WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!!

Game 2 update vs. Sisters of Battle coming later.

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  1. What you need are some pictures ;).

    Also, I'm really liking Deffkoptas the more I think about them. THey are just about fantastic for clearing out light vehicles... I may need to give them a higher target priority next time I play you!