Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Shout Out

I wanted to take some time to draw your attention to some of the blogs I've been enjoying recently.

Trollblood Scrumm:
This is a really fantastic site for everything Trollbloods. Great tactical advice etc. It's given me a lot of ideas and gotten me really excited to expand my collection.

Dei Greci:
Wow. This guy custom builds everything and it is all amazing. I wish I had half the talent he does.

Kevin's Miniatures and Hobby Table:
Kevin has painted a lot of Lizardmen lately and I've been tracking his progress and collecting ideas for my own work. I really like how some of his stuff has turned out. Particularly the stegadon and his kroxigors.

Manic Workbench:
This guy has been moulding his own custom lost temple bases and they look fantastic. I'm starting to think I may need to give moulding my own stuff a shot some day.

One Inch Warriors:
Great lizardmen paint jobs here. I love seeing how people paint their lizardmen and its been a source of inspiration and even some small amounts of jealousy!

N810's Lizardmen Blog:
More cool lizardmen minis.

Son of Slann
I'm also a fan of the Lizardmen stuff here. Really inspiring.

Drinkin' and Modelin':
This is where I go to satisfy my Ogre Kingdoms fetish.

I'd also like to give one final shout out to The Trading Post. It's a very nice site that compiles information from the various Warhammer Fantasy blogs/communities together for easy discovery. I support any efforts to build a better community and appreciate someone taking the time to do this work.


  1. Good press and complements much appreciated! Now I'm motivated to go get my stegadon finished!

  2. Thanks for the press. I am glad to see that the trading post is being see and noticed. :D

  3. I just now noticed this post. Thanks for the shout out, much appreciated!