Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trollbloods vs. Cygnar 8/28/10

I also had a chance to play my first game against a Warmachine faction this last Saturday. I took my Trollbloods warpack against Nathan's Cygnar battle group.

This was a pretty straightforward game with unfortunately few pictures. The map we set on had a river with a bridge for crossing. I used my axer's animus on the impalers to send them through the river to either side of the bridge and moved the axer across the bridge with Madrak behind. Unfortunately, Nathan had some really good dice going for him and in two rounds of shooting, he managed to knock out one of my flanking Impalers before he could really do anything and charge the other impaler with his heavy jack.

On my turn, my last Impaler did manage to put a severe beating on the heavy jack and cripple his Quake Hammer (I think that's what it was called). And my axer charged a wall that his shooting jack was behind but promptly whiffed on his attack rolls.

In his next two turns, Nathan finished off the impaler and moved his heavy jack into combat with Madrak. He also managed put a severe beating on the axer. I made one last valiant effort to get Madrak into combat with Nathan's caster but whiffed all of my attacks and then conceded the game. Nathan was well on his way to slaughtering me to a man.

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