Friday, September 3, 2010

Lizardmen in 8th Edition: Lore of Beasts

Right about now I will either be in or just getting out of my wisdom teeth surgery I am unfortunately having to undergo. However, I prepared a handful of posts ahead of time to keep you, my loyal readers, entertained. After today though I'll be taking some time to relax, recover, and work on some minis so there may not be any updates for a while depending on how I'm feeling.

Wildheart (Lore Attribute):
Pretty cool attribute that makes the spells easier to cast against everything that isn't Infantry.

Wyssan's Wildform (Signature Spell):
Pretty cool spell. I wish you could 12" AOE it like the other augment spells in this line. As it is, it's the most universally useful spell in this list. It'll work well with all of your units. It will even make rank and file skinks into something to be feared. I like the idea of pairing this with Cold One Cavalry myself to give them some extra punch and defense. T5 with a 2+ armor save is nothing to sneeze at. They'll even be S6 on the charge. Toss a scar veteran or oldblood in with the unit and cast Savage Beast for even more ridiculous devastation.

The Flock of Doom (1):
I think this is a terrible spell. 2D6 Strength 2 hits means you're getting on average less than 2 wounds per roll of the spell against a lot of units. It's dirt cheap though and slann can get a free power dice per attempt so if you've got a spare die, there's really no reason not to cast it.

Pann's Impenetrable Pelt (2):
Cool spell that will help keep your characters alive. I'm not sure how often you'll cast it though but I could see it being partnered with other spells in this lore to send a nasty character to take on a monster by himself.

The Amber Spear (3):
I actually like this. It gives you a great tool against monstrous creatures. Nice range and the upgraded version is fantastic if you can hit a unit of monstrous infantry on a flank. Unfortunately a slann in a temple guard bunker is not too likely to get such a flank shot.

The Curse of Anraheir (4):
Fun spell especially if you end up with lots of terrain on the board. Noone is going to want to enter any terrain with this on them (hills too!) and if they are already in terrain, they certainly won't be moving them that turn. It's also a nice penalty to shooting and combat units.

The Savage Beast of Horros (5):
I think this is a fantastic spell. It makes any character instantly awesome at combat including even the lowly skink chief. The boosted version of this spell to make all nearby characters fantastic is also great. There's no need to make your characters killy if you can just rely on this spell to do it for you. I also love the idea of a skink chief with stegadon warspear that has this spell. 6 Strength 9 attacks (10 if you synergize with Wildform) and 2D6+2 strength 6 impact hits? Yes please. The downside is you

Transformation of Kadon (6):
Very cool spell. Slann can't use it (see the Lizardmen FAQ) so it doesn't really matter how good it is.

Other Lizardmen Thoughts:
I don't really like it for Lizardmen. I think it'd be fun to make a list built around it with a mobile slann and a bunch of cheap scar veterans or even skink chiefs to do some serious damage. I think it'd be a fun list to break out every once in a while for a fun game but I don't see it as being overly competitive. The real problem I have with this lore is that it is great for enabling your characters to take on things they can't beat normally but you have to commit your characters in the movement phase and then have no guarantee you get the specific spells you need off. If Pann's Impenetrable Pelt and The Savage Beast of Horros could effect the entire unit, I'd be all over this lore.


  1. I gotta agree with you on pretty much everything here. This lore looks fun, but it's not optimal for Lizards when life & light work much better for them. It would be fun to experiment with. I have the Tenehuin model, so I might break him out for a large, non-serious game to mess around with.

  2. although slann can't use it The prophet of sotek can!:D