Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saurus Warrior Workshop

Here's where I'm at with my Saurus Warrior test model currently. Basecoated with Mechrite Red then did the skin in Blood Red and the scales in Scab Red. I'm going to experiment with some washes today and see how things turn out with that.

From Saurus Warriors

I think this gets me the contrast I need but I won't know how it will look until I experiment a little with some washes. I'm also wondering if Red Gore or Mechrite Red for the scales would have been a better as Scab Red is almost purpleish in color.


  1. based off the pic above, I like the color scheme -- it will turn out really nice...

    On mine I did regal blue + hawk turquoise + delven mud + drybrush white + drybrush ice blue + hit the nails and stuff with G sepia.

    Here'a a link to my finished product...

  2. For washing reds, I've been using Devlan Mud, although it could be too harsh over blood red - for my red Saurus shields I wash Mud over Merchrite Red and then apply blood red.

    What's the plan for the shields?

  3. I'm not really sure on the shields yet. I was thinking I'd try to make them look like they came off of my stegadons so all my saurus would be walking around with stegadon hide shields.