Sunday, August 8, 2010

Slann Mage-Priest Painting Part IV

I've been working on my slann piecemeal for a while but haven't made much progress until this weekend. Mostly I've been tracing all of the branches that wind around the palanquin's base.

The two big things I've accomplished is I picked up some gloss varnish for the slann and applied it to him in his entirety. I was having problems with the paint chipping and was told that sealing them with varnish is a good way to prevent that from happening. I'm trying to decide now if I should get some matte varnish to apply and reduce the shininess a little.

From Slann Mage-Priest I

I also figured out my color scheme for the leaves and did those up. Credit goes to Alex for his tips on the matter. I coated the leaves with Knarloc Green, washed them with Devlan Mud, applied a drybrush of Goblin Green, washed them with Thraka Green, drybrushed with Snot Green, and then applied a final wash of Thraka Green.

From Slann Mage-Priest I

Anyone have suggestions? They are welcome!


  1. Looking good on the leaves there!

    As for the varnish, there's a camp of painters who prefer to use a gloss varnish followed by a matte. I usually just use a matte. The last time I tried both I overdid the gloss and I now have a FoW platoon that's bit on the shinny side - oops.

    Interestingly, I just bought the August White Dwarf and at the end of the article about painting the new Daemon Prince, there's a blurb about using varnish. Apparently GW's 'eavy-metal team doesn't use anything since they're painting mini's primarily as display pieces. I guess its person preference really.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate the help.

    I've got a friend who has some matte varnish. I'm hoping I'll get the chance in the near future to finish off the slann and see how he looks. I might skip straight to the matte varnish in the future, I'm undecided.

    A friend of mine collects all of the white dwarfs. I'll have to ask him to borrow his copy.

  3. My copy of White Dwarf is at my desk, you know that :-P. Just come over and grab it.

    The problem with Matte Varnish is solely that it's more likely to chip over time than Gloss is. That's why a lot of people use both. Honestly though, as Alex said, it's really a matter of preference. They can last quite a while before chipping.