Friday, August 13, 2010

1st Foray Into 8th Edition (part 2)

In part 1 I talked about my game against Daemons of Chaos. After we finished up our game, I played again against my friend Nathan.

I let him borrow my Lizardmen from the game, it was his first time playing with Lizardmen.

I took an Ogre list I had brought with the hope of being balanced against the Lizardmen list.

- Wyrdstone Necklace
- Sword of Bloodshed
- Enchanted Shield
- Heavy Armour
- Luck Gnoblar
- Siegebreaker
- Halfling Cookbook
- 3 Gnoblar Thiefstone
- Obsidian Lodestone
- Heavy Armour
- Cathayan Longsword
- Dispel Scroll
10 Gnoblar Trappers
30 Gnoblar Fighters
6 Bulls
- Standard Bearer
6 Ironguts
- Standard Bearer
6 Ironguts
- Standard Bearer
1 Scraplauncher
1 Scraplauncher
2 Leadbelchers
- Bellower
2 Leadbelchers
- Bellower

Tyrant and Slaughtermaster went in one Ironguts unit. BSB and Butcher in the other.

We rolled up a lot of obstacles for our terrain and we rolled dawn attack. This really made our deployment difficult. It basically killed any strategy regarding deployment because there was no guarantee your critical units would be where you wanted them.

Nathan deployed the lizards first but I managed to seize the initiative.

It was unfortunately a slightly dull game. Not much happened as we had to cut it short because it was getting late. I also didn't get a chance to take any pictures.

Basically, he was unable to do much in his magic phase. Dispel scroll kept it in check and the slann was taken out early due to loss of concentration. In one of my shooting phases, a scraplauncher misfired but the other dropped a template almost spot on and dealt pretty good damage to a unit of saurus. Scraplaunchers are pretty fantastic but I didn't get to do much against them.

On our last turn of play, I got a series of charges and redirects off that resulted in several of the small skirmishing units fleeing and one unit of Ironguts colliding with a block of saurus spears. The Ironguts handily won combat but unfortunately needed one more wound to negate steadfast and failed to get it with their Stomps. The saurus held.

That was when the game ended. It was looking like a win for the ogres as they were about to enter combat in full force but who knows what would have happened in Nathan's next turn!

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