Friday, August 20, 2010

Lizardmen in 8th Edition: Lore of Light

I like this lore a lot.

Exorcism (Lore Attribute):
Great if your enemy is undead or daemonic, not so fantastic otherwise.

Shem's Burning Gaze (Signature Spell):
Great range and it gives you flaming attacks. It can be increased to S6 for taking out nasty monsters too. Nice little magic missile and a great tool for an army with very little long ranged threats.

Pha's Protection (1):
Fantastic gunline protection. Combine this with Iceshard Blizzard and you can really hose an enemy shooting unit. Can be aed to protect all of your valuable units.

The Speed of Light (2):
Gives you high initiative to make sure you strike first and high weapon skill to make sure you hit. It also makes it harder for your opponent to hit you. Can be aed and given to all of your units. Great synergy with both Iceshard Blizzard and Pha's Protection to virtually guarantee your opponent can't hit you.

Light of Battle (3):
Great for low leadership armies. Not so great for others.

Net of Amyntok (4):
This is a cool little utility spell. Gives you a chance to hold a unit in place and do some damage while you're at it. Use this to prevent that critical charge or make your opponent think twice about committing his other resources to battle.

Banishment (5):
Great damage spell against things with ward saves. This makes it the best spell in the game for busting through magic resistance. It's not very high strength though which is unfortunate.

Birona's Timewarp (6):
This is a really great spell. Terrific synergy with the rest of the lore and turns your guys into close combat beasts. More attacks, more movement, and always strikes first? Fantastic. Pair this with Speed of Light to give your guys hatred. Even better, it can also be cast in an area effect.

Lizardmen Thoughts:
This is the creme de la creme of Lizardmen lores in my book. It counters all of their weaknesses and really makes it hard for an opponent to beat them. Net of Amyntok gives you extra utility to prevent your saurus from being outmaneuvered. Shem's Burning Gaze and Banishment provide you with very nice ranged threats to assist your Lore of Heavens ranged threats. Worried about Purple Sun and initiative tests? Cast Speed of Light and worry no more!

The real nice thing here though are the ways the augments synergize. Take a ranked up unit of saurus with spears and cast Pha's Protection, Speed of Light, and Birona's Timewarp on them. You now have 25 S4 WS10 attacks that can reroll to hit and will always go first. Not to mention, anything wanting to attack back is going to need 6s just to hit you. Combine that with Curse of the Midnight Wind from Lore of Heavens and they have to reroll their successful to hit rolls too!

On a unit of temple guard, you're looking at 20 S5 WS10 attacks. That's going to dish out some serious damage and really put a hurting on your opponent. This combination even makes your saurus cavalry suddenly awesome!

The only spell that isn't fantastic for Lizardmen is Light of Battle but only because their leadership is already godly.

I REALLY like this lore for the slann. It helps you from turn 1 all the way through to the end of the game. Start off with magic missiles, Net of Amyntok, and Pha's Protection to keep your guy's safe and transition to the augments as your combat units collide.

One thing of note. You have no miscast protection so you'll either need to run your slann solo or take Cupped Hands of the Old ones. Soul of Stone is also worth considering.


  1. I don't play lizardmen but these reviews on the magic choices are a great read, it's really interesting stuff. Keep it up.

  2. Banishment is actually fantastic... for other armies. VC and HE can both field enough magicians to really make Banishment's strength kick up (yes, Vampires using lore of light is crazy, but it works.) Lizardmen, unfortunately, can't muster the number of guys with lore choices for it to be good. Sad, because I would love to be pitching S8+ Banishments through my Skink Priests. :(

    I'm not as impressed with Light as I am with Life, overall; Pha's Protection is excellent, and Timewarp and Net are both very good as well. However, it doesn't have the same kind of high-end spells that I would want to be using a Slann on (or scads of low-level ones, to take advantage of free dice.) It's certainly not the worst choice, but it wouldn't be my favorite, either.

  3. While the offensive aspects of timewarp are good and worth it alone, its important to note that the defenseive aspects of the spells can be replicated with life-

    Who needs to go first when you're T8 regen 4+? Chances are you wont loose much guys before they strike at their turn.

    That said, I'll try light, but I think life is the way to go, personally.

  4. I like this Lore, but I haven't use it yet. However, from my limited experience (i.e. one 8th ed. game and a lot of postulating), I would have a hard time not using Lore of Life for my Slann. The ability to "regrow" your expensive Saurus units and the lore attribute seem too valuable to pass up to keep your units in the game longer.

  5. Glad to see so much interested generated in these! I love reading your guys' thoughts and comments so thanks for the contributions.

    I'm definitely going to have to give Life a shot at some point and see how things go. Unfortunately, life has been getting in the way of things and I haven't been getting the big blocks of time I need to set aside to play recently.

  6. life is more surviving and needs time.
    if you play tournaments, light is better.

    i played more than 1 year with life,
    and now i play recently with light,

    first play, i killed everyting.

    just, you have to build your army around your lore.

    So, life, smaller units, a lot of harrassement.

    Light, bigger blocks and straight forward.
    tournaments in belgium here only give 2 hours time to play. so, speed of light is needed...