Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slann Mage-Priest Painting

After a very long hiatus from painting, I finally got some time yesterday to devote a few hours to it. Rather than continue where I left off on all of my previous painting projects, I once again decided to start focusing on something entirely new, my Slann Mage-Priest.

Here is what I got done:
From Impact Hits

From Impact Hits

Not too much progress. I painted the spikes with Skull White which I'll have to darken up a little with a wash and some shading. I coated most of the base of the palanquin with Space Wolves Grey. I am hoping I can figure out a way to make the palanquin look like it is made from marble. I picked up a stippling brush that I'm going to use to try to stipple on some Shadow Grey. If that doesn't work, I will try my normal brush with some Shadow Grey swirls or may even just leave the color as is. Once it's entirely marbled I'll wash it with something (still to be determined) and dry brush it with something that will hopefully make it look a little more aged.

For the Slann himself, I'm leaning towards a Chaos Black and Warlock Purple color scheme. My only concern is that it will leave him looking too much like a frog instead of a toad.

More progress as I make it!


  1. That's a start man! Can't wait to see things actually start happening with your models.