Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lizardmen and Empire Vs. Skaven and Daemons Of Chaos

Steve over at Boisterous Exuberance recently posted a battle report from a 2v2 game we played. Rather than try to best his excellent reporting, I will instead just supplement his post with my thoughts on the game.

1. I liked my new scar veteran setups. Giving the Horned One to a scar veteran with a great weapon proved extremely useful (held the right flank in check for quite a while). I suspect the other scar veteran would have proved equally useful if Howling Gale had not gone off and kept him from his flight move. I was going to attempt to fly him into the blue scribes so that my terradons could focus elsewhere.

2. My terradons once again proved useful but I chose poorly. Howling Gale on the first turn really shut them down and slowed down their ability to do anything. Then I flew them over the Blue Scribes when the Empire pistoliers probably could have handled him on their own. The next turn they were caught in the open again and got shot up by the jezzails. Gotta keep these guys protected better and make sure I use them more efficiently! Maybe I need to take a second unit (I should order some more)

3. Saurus cannot beat bloodcrushers. I need to quit trying to find a way to make it work. Those things are far too nasty and have far too many attacks.

4. I'm not sure I like Lore of Fire very much. My temple guard are really incapable of killing anything in close combat. They are too slow to ever attack first so against any killy unit, the only thing they do for me is not break. I need spells that can hit units in combat with me if I'm ever going to wittle them down.

5. Plague Monks are really good against anything they attack first against.

6. Miscasting a spell, rolling the result that gives your opponent a free cast, and watching him get the 13th spell off is really dumb. I'm glad that miscast option isn't on the table in 8th edition (at least I don't think it is).

7. My temple guard being wiped out and my slann losing combat with 3 wounds on him but rolling double 1s to stay in combat and continue to tie up a giant bloodletters and plague monk unit = win.

8. I think the Empire did all of the work this game. I didn't do much of anything to the enemy and really only served to slow them down. There was just too much hard hitting stuff for me to contain with my 3 blocks.

9. I should have been more aggressive with my engine. It should have charged forward and started dropping burning alignments on everything. It would have been far more useful to me on the right flank and instead it was stuck behind my temple guard unit all game because I was being too conservative with it.

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  1. Technically, #7 is still 'fail', since he did end up dying next turn ;).

    And you did plenty man! I killed things early, but you killed the blue scribes! And your magic did some damage to help out!

    With the Engine... I dunno. I mean, maybe up front is where it needs to be, maybe you just need to buy more Stegadons ;).