Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trollbloods vs. Khador 1/15/2011

I played my first game of 2011!

I took my Trollbloods against Rob's Khador this past Saturday and emerged victorious. With this win, I am officially undefeated in the new year.

This was also my first scenario game and was the "Convergence" scenario played at 35 points. Rob took a Kharchev list that he will have to detail and I took a pMadrak list.

My list:
Dire Troll Bomber
Krielstone Bearer + 3 Scribes
Stone Scribe Chronicler
5 Champions

I got the first turn so I deployed my Madrak brick with the Bomber off to one side and the two Impalers off to the other. On my first turn I advanced as quickly as possible and stopped just short of the center circle zone. I also cast Sure Foot on the axer who was chilling in the middle of my brick. On Rob's turn, he did the same but moved some Bombardiers into the circle to prevent me from getting a free point. The Bombardiers shot at my champions to no avail (dealing only 3 damage to one of them).

On my second turn, I moved the Champions, Madrak, the Axer, and some of the Scribes into the circle. I didn't have the threat range to charge unfortunately. I moved up one of the Impalers and shot at one of the Bombardiers doing only 6 damage (I think), not enough to kill him. I moved up the Bomber and gave him Far Strike hoping he would be able to lob two bombs into the Bombardiers and kill all three for me. Alas, it was not to be. I rolled a 5 on my first to hit roll (boosted even!) and then rolled another 5 on a non-boosted to hit roll. Really horrible luck.

On Rob's second turn, Karchev towed his jacks in so that they could charge into my Champions and attempt to tear my brick apart. The combination of Sure Foot, Defensive Line, and Protective Aura served me well though and the jacks failed to accomplish anything significant. They manage to kill one of my Champions (after he passed 3 lucky tough rolls in a row) but that was it. Rob then proceeded to try and charge another unit into my bomber but they fell short. Finally he had a unit of Turions (I think?) that had 3 spells. He had all of them cast a spray spell at me which actually ended up doing more damage to his own guys than they did to mine. He had a series of rather painful misses that accomplished nothing for him.

On my turn, Madrak cast Carnage and feated. The result was one of my champions that was unengaged charging into his tightly clumped infantry and singlehandedly mowing through almost all of them. My Axer moved into combat with the three warjacks and began Threshering. Now that they were all in melee range of my warbeast, I had the Chronicler trigger Charge of the Trolls on my Champions (they actually attacked at this point). And my champions began to tear apart the warjacks. I crippled the arm on one, did some damage to another, and destroyed the third with a final charge from one of my impalers.

On his turn, Rob went for the caster kill. He towed his one jack that was still in good shape out of combat and into position for it to charge Madrak. It did but failed to kill him due to Madrak's Scroll of Grindar's Perseverance which kept him alive.

When Rob's turn came around again, he conceded. I had almost all of my models left (one champion had died) and was getting ready to finish mopping up his warjacks (and Karchev) and was going to have no trouble keeping Madrak away from him for the rest of the game.

It was probably one of the more fun games I've had in Warmahordes since I started playing. I enjoy playing against the straightforward beat their face in style of Khador much more than I do playing against Steve's sneaky Cryx.


  1. Sounds like it was a pretty good game!

    The unit are Ternions. And yeah, I get the impression the dice were just not going Rob's way this game.

    What about Steve's non-sneaky Skorne? They aren't sneaky!

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