Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What is this garbage?


This may be the dumbest article I have ever read over at Yes The Truth Hurts. Seriously, this is the cheesiest trying to cheat the system list I have ever seen in my life.

First, you post up an Empire list that features the Goblin Hewer, a unit from Dogs of War/Storm of Chaos (that is no longer supported) to try and cheese out your gunline. Who is going to actually let you field that against them? This alone makes the list unusable for most people.

Second, what the hell is the deal with the knights being equipped with 1/2 lances, 1/2 great weapons? Noone is going to let you do that. If I tried that, the guy I was playing against would NEVER play me again. Just because the wording isn't 100% clear in the book does not mean it isn't obvious what the intention was. Who would actually want to be the douchebag trying to argue they can do this?

This list is a great idea if you don't want to have friends!

How about posting a real Empire list that someone may actually want to try out and offering useful advice besides trying to cheat the system to win?

Edit/Disclaimer: I read Yes The Truth Hurts for tactical advice as the players over there are far better at this game than I am, however it really pisses me off when I see things like this that emphasize cheating over real tactics.


  1. You said it man!

    Although, like I said, I love the idea of that artillery army, now seeing it on the page. mmmmmm...

  2. Never been a fan of gun lines, but having said that, this seems to be what empire is best at. I wonder what an eshin army can do to this army, with a couple warlords with flying carpets going after the back artillary, stormbanner, and of course some rat ogres to take the heat.

  3. Flying Carpets are one-per-army, are they not?

    I don't know, the Storm Banner would hurt for a turn, but the gunline will be made a lot better by the removal of guess weapons. Sure, you stop some shots on a 4+, but those shots you don't stop will do some damage!

  4. Guess weapons cant hurt what hasn't come on the board yet. Get some sneaky infiltrators with Assassins and maybe I can disrupt that gun line, and yes you are correct about the flying carpet, either way, Im not too worried, I have some tricks up my sleeve.