Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ogres vs. Demons Game Report 2/27/10

I brought the army outlined here:

Sam brought a greater demon of tzeentch, 5 hounds of khorne, 3 flamers, 20 bloodletters w/ full command, 20 plaguebearers with full command and a herald, and another 20 plaguebearers with full command and herald.

Long story short, this game went horribly for me.  With no way to actually break through any of the demons my ogres were left unable to do anything when they got into combat.

First turn Sam moves everything forward and uses a bunch of spells.  The only ones that get through are two nurgling infestation spells on my unit of gnoblars but I pass the toughness test both times.  I use my only dispel scroll preventing bolt of change from going through.  End of his first turn.

On my first turn, I moved everything up setting up some baits with counter charges in position.  My gnoblar fighters have fled off the board at this point but I move a unit of bulls up to bait the bloodletters into charging so my slavegiant can slam into them and my ironguts + butcher can slam into a unit of plaguebearers.  My ogrestar moves into position to charge the second unit of nurglings on the next turn..  My scraplauncher moves up and misfires giving Sam the opportunity to fire the scraplauncher himself.  My leadbelchers move up, one unloads into the bloodletters, the other unloads into the houds of khorne.  They both manage to do one wound each.

On Sam's turn he takes the bait on my bulls and charges them with bloodletters and plaguebearers.  They flee leaving both units exposed to my charge.  During the magic phase, my unit of ironguts is completely demolished by the greater demon who gets off bolt of change causing 9 Str8 wounds to the unit killing 2 ironguts and dealing 2 wounds to the butcher making the unit virtually useless.

On my turn, the giant charges the bloodletters, flails with chain resulting in 1 attack that gets ward saved.  The giant gets promptly run down.  My ogrestar fails to kill the herald even after the tyrant directed all of his attacks against it (he was the only one in base contact) resulting in a loss by 2 of the plaguebearers and the blowing up of a handful more.  This however leaves me in a position where I have already lost over 500 points of units and my main ogrestar block is about to be flanked charged by the hounds of khorne and I have nothing left to hold up the bloodletters and other unit of plaguebearers.

I concede.

I will have to think further about how I should be playing against demons before I take my ogres against them again.  I'm not sure what I should be doing better but I suspect demons may just be an absolutely terrible matchup for ogres.

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  1. I imagine that the matchup is part of the problem, but Sam insists that your dice rolling couldn't have gotten much worse. I'd go with that for now. What you need to decide are what one or two things he took caused you the greatest problems, and think of a way to neutralize them. Obviously Leadership is always a problem with your army, and your luck sucks. What things are you most concerned with?