Monday, February 1, 2010

Painting Progress

I am incredibly slow at painting but I have been putting more effort into my lizardmen lately. I have attached pictures of the progress they are all making.

First up is my temple guard champion. He is the closest thing I have to a finished model currently. I'm planning to use roughly the same color scheme for all of my temple guard models. For the paint job, I used Liche Purple, a Purple Ink wash, and a Liche Purple drybrush for the scales/skin. The weapons are a combination of Shining Gold and Mithril Silver with a Devlan Mud wash. The Shield is a Regal Blue with a Blue Ink wash to go along with my stegadon color scheme.

I've begun painting my engine of the gods as well. The current plan is to go with a base color of Hawk Turquoise and wash it with either Blue or Black Ink. Then drybrush the scales (maybe the skin too? not sure) with Regal Blue to match the shields that the saurus will all be carrying. The idea is they are using stegadon scale shields.

Another thing to consider is that this is going to be an engine of the gods model. Since that requires an ancient stegadon, I'm trying to think of ways I could make the stegadon look older so that when I paint a regular stegadon, it will look younger.

These are my saurus warriors with spears. In this picture, they are all base coated (skin/scales) with Scab Red. I have also completed the Black Ink wash though I do not have a handy picture of them in that state. The next step is to drybrush them with Red Gore and start detailing the weapons and equipment.

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  1. I think the Temple Guard is fantastic, but I think you need to figure out what to do about the white parts.

    Older Stegadon? Try gray hair, lol. I like the Turquoise color actually- Matt started painted his FW Trygon in that color, and it's gorgeous!

    I can't wait to see this army finished :)